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Skincare is women's lifetime career and everyone dreams to remain beautiful throughout her life. A young and beautiful face helps a woman build confidence and charm but as we grow older, beauty is gone and never returns. However, SB Secret skincare series allow you to stay young and look beautiful, restore skin elasticity, recreate you with soft and smoothen skin, lustre white as milk with a touch of pink!

SB Secret Skin Care Steps (Daily Care)
SB Secret Skin Care Steps (Weekly Care)
SB Secret Skin Care Demonstration
SB Infinite Perfect Series - Age · Reversal Luminous Essence
Triple Whitening for Optimum Care
SB Secret Age • Reversal Luminous Essence is the first skincare formula that combines the power of whitening, moisturizing, repair and anti-ageing into one. It is an awesome skincare essence comprising of precious Tibetan plants situated 4,000 meters above sea level. It works effectively in providing oxygen and moisture into the skin as well as elevates the oxygen level in the blood. It detoxifies, purifies, moisturizes and lightens skin pigmentation. Promotes the skin’s metabolism, delay ageing, enhancing the skin’s radiance and elasticity for eternal youth!
Age • Reversal Luminous Essence
  • Rich in active whitening factors for rapid penetration into the skin,prevent melanin formation for superior whitening and optimum translucency
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells, lightens pigment, prevents acne formation and repairs skin cells
  • Accelerates the skin’s metabolism, tightens pores, increases skin elasticity and delays ageing
Packaging: 30ml
SB Criste Samphire CIC-II Skincare Range
The Secret of Obtaining Perfect Flawless Skin within 14 days, Starts from SB Criste Samphire
SB Criste Samphire CIC-II Skincare Range
Criste Marine is a resilient, succulent plant which grows on cliffs and rocks by the coastline of Brittany, French. It is one of the few plants that can thrive on rocks, despite being affected by constant harsh environments & strong UV radiation. Its unique adaptability to such conditions had caused it to develop into a unique life sustaining system. The growing season for Criste Marine is only limited to spring and the yearly harvest is only between April to June. The harvesting has to be done manually and its yield is limited. It has now been categorized as a national treasure and as such, exploitation is restricted. Criste Marine has been clinically proven to significantly promote skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration. It has been reputed as the most precious skin care ingredient in 21st century.
SB Criste Samphire Essence infuses unlimited energy into our skin
The precious French Criste Marine stem cells essence CIC-II is extracted through precise high-technology fractional distillation after going through a low-pressure frozen stage. It is then further processed in Korean research and development laboratory after various cell revitalizing ingredients had been added, in order to form a unique formulation. SB Criste Samphire CIC-II Skin Care Range effectively enhances the functions of skin barrier protection, revitalizing skin cells, strengthening skin's water retention and circulation function, enabling the skin to have a teenage-like suppleness with soft and smooth radiance.
SB Criste Samphire CIC-II Skincare Theory
Protecting · Regenerating · Purifying
SB Criste Samphire CIC-II Premier Luminous Cleansing Milk
The unique 3-in-1 formula acts as cleansing foam, cleansing milk and make-up remover, provides moisturizing and nourishment to skin, smoothen and soften skin texture.
Packaging: 120ml
SB Criste Samphire CIC-II Premier Revitalizing Skin Refiner
This refreshing skin refiner can re-balance the skin’s moisture level and pH level. It provides refreshing, toning, smoothing effects to the skin, and softens it as well. And it also helps to minimize the enlarged skin pores and improve skin texture.
Packaging : 120ml
SB Criste Samphire CIC-II Premier 3 in 1 Cell-Regenerating Mask
It helps to lighten dark spots and tone; brightens and smoothen skin complexion. It also increases and maintains moisture level and promotes collagen formation. This amazing mask can also reduce skin fine lines and wrinkle and provides skin elasticity and suppleness.
Packaging : 8 sheets
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