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Human ageing has much to do with the internal and external environment. Pollutions from the external environment such as air pollution, food pollution, water pollution and etc caused toxins accumulation in our body; while in the internal environment, damage in extracellular matrix and cells will accelerate the ageing process. SB Secret health-care series can protect cells from external damages, purify the internal environment and activate the functions of cells.
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SOL Infinity
Create Infinite Possibilities to Life
Endow Unlimited Energy to Cells
SOL Infinity is formulated with the collaboration of 4 countries, 30 medical experts from USA, China, Japan and Malaysia. This revolutionary anti-ageing formula was extracted from several extreme precious Tibetan plant essence by the Medical Scientists using Western sophisticated technology. SOL Infinity’s active ingredients provide the necessary elements for the human body, regulate cell metabolism, stimulate the immune system and self-healing ability, achieving thorough reversal of human ageing process. SOL Infinity redefines the perception of ageing, creating an immortality legend, pushing cell cosmetology to a higher level. SOL Infinity is the 21st century people's gospel, endowing human with infinite vitality, provide unlimited supply of energy.
3 Main Steps - Health • Youth • Longevity always be with you
Repair Cell
SOL Infinity rapidly repairs damaged cells, enabling cells to resume their normal function. Cell repair is the first step to delay ageing, and restores various body functions.
Activate Cells
SOL Infinity activate human cells and stimulate cell metabolism. It's active ingredient able to activate cell potential, ensuring each cell reaches its optimum capability.
Protect Cells
Cells were subjected to many harmful external factors such as ultraviolet radiation, free radicals, bacteria and etc. SOL Infinity's plant components contain high antioxidant, effectively protect cells and improve the body's immune system simultaneously.
Major Features of SOL Infinity
  • Natural plant active ingredients
  • 4 countries, 8 years of research, 30 experts → 1 formula
  • Nano Supercritical CO₂ Extraction technology
  • 30 precise and complicated process
  • Cytology • Nutrition • Immunology
Main Ingredients of SOL Infinity
Gymnadenia Crassinervis Finet, Seabuckthorn Tibet, Hulless Barley, Acerola Cherry, Premium Propolis.
Directions for use
Consume morning and night on empty stomach, 3 tablets each time.
Packaging : 180 Chewable Tablets x 300mg
Halal Certificate
BON Vitality
A Healthy Heart
A Healthy Life
Bon Vitality helps maintain the elasticity of artery, remove impurities and toxins from the blood, and ensure the smooth flow of the vascular system, hence strengthening its performance. Meanwhile, the plant-based active ingredients are able to eliminate visceral and subcutaneous fat, thus achieving slimming effect.
5 Main Features of BON Vitality
  • 100% natural and organic, no added additives and preservatives, no side effects
  • Advanced technology; with 50 sophisticated processes
  • Finest Tibetan plants
  • Worldwide patent, exclusive formula
  • Protects the cardiovascular system from the inside, slims and shapes the body from the outside
Excellent Effects
  • Maintains energetic and vibrant
  • Lowers blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose, and bad cholesterols
  • Eliminates abdominal fat
  • Slim and body-shaping with no rebound
  • Prevents and improves diabetes
  • Prevents and improves cardio-cerebrovascular disease
  • Dissolves thrombosis, improves blood flow
Main Ingredients of BON Vitality
Tibetan Hulless Barley, Tibetan Roseroot, Tibetan Lotus leaf.
Directions for use
Take 3 tablets each time, twice daily (morning & night) with empty stomach.
Packaging : 180 Chewable Tablets x 300mg
Halal Certificate
JOY Rejuvenate
Reverse Ageing
Reveals The Secret of Beauty
JOY Rejuvenate Its unique formula helps to regulate female hormones, strengthen and improve the functions of reproductive organs. Clinically study proven, the highland plant-based anti oxidant and active ingredients found in JOY Rejuvenate able to eliminate free radicals, regulate the endocrine, reverse ageing and boost immunity.
5 Main Features of JOY Rejuvenate
  • 100% natural and organic, no added additives and preservatives, no side effects
  • Advanced technology; with 50 sophisticated processes
  • Finest Tibetan plants
  • Worldwide patent, exclusive formula
  • Protects women’s health from inside out, reverse ageing process
Excellent Effects
  • Prevents premature ovarian failure
  • Improves fertility
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Reduces pigmentation and restores rosy complexion
  • Improves menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea
  • Delays ageing and menopause
  • Rebuilds skin collagen, restores skin elasticity
Main Ingredients of JOY Rejuvenate
Tibetan Hulless Barley, Tibetan Saussurea involucrata Kar, Tibetan Motherwort, Tibetan Ginseng Fruit.
Directions for use
Take 3 tablets each time, twice daily (morning & night) with empty stomach.
Packaging : 180 Chewable Tablets x 300mg
Halal Certificate
SB BioCollagen Plus
Unveil the Secret of Ageing Delayed
Optimum Your Beauty from Inside Out
SB BioCollagen Plus is a nutritional supplement extracted from a combination of natural plant essence which possesses powerful anti-ageing elements. The main ingredients include premium white fungus (plant collagen / hyaluronic acid), soybean and Aloe Vera extract, which go through many years of research and formulated in advanced technology by Korea research group. Comprehensively helps the overall rejuvenation of human brain, body and skin.
The hyaluronic acid of SB BioCollagen Plus is extracted from premium Tremella Fuciformis Bark by using modern molecular techniques fermentation and formation. Thus, SB hyaluronic acid has the characteristics of optimum molecular weight & stability. SB hyaluronic acid in the body can retain thousand times of water molecules for our body, activate cells, tissues regeneration and comprehensive rejuvenation.
SB BioCollagen Plus: How it works?
The brain is the body's supreme commander, commanding the entire nervous system. It controls the operation and function of the human body.
  • Strengthen the brain function, secretion of growth hormone
  • Linkage between the body and the brain, automatic detection system
  • Deliver nutrients to the organ that needs repair
Major features of SB BioCollagen Plus
  • 100% plant extracts, it is safe.
  • GPC automatic detection of damage parts of the body, repair and nourish it within a short time.
  • Promotes cell regeneration up to 160%.
  • Advance technology from Korea, absorption rate up to 99%.
  • Comprehensive rejuvenation various parts of the body.
  • Unique gel based for easiest absorption.
Main Ingredients of SB BioCollagen Plus
Premium Tremella Fuciformis Bark, premium soybean essence, Aloe Vera, Trehalose.
Directions for use
Consume 2 sachets daily, morning and night on empty stomach.
Packaging : 20 gm x 18 sachets
Halal Certificate
SB Synbiotics Detox Drink
SB SynBiotics Detox Drink
Your Best Detox Expert
Reasons for choosing SB Synbiotics Detox Drink :
  • The unique characterized technology by Nano-sized spray coating can protect probiotics from the gastric acid, pressure and heat to ensure the quantity of probiotics reaching the intestine.
  • It contain 5 types of efficient probiotics which play different roles in the process of detoxifying.
  • It provides rich probiotics, the number of which is as high as 500 million. Besides, the added prebiotics can promote the growth of probiotics by 10 times. When probiotics and prebiotics function together, the immune system will be greatly reinforced.
  • It contains the lemon extract which can activate the body’s self-purification process, help melt away the redundant body fat and eliminate toxins out of the body simultaneously.
3 Steps of SB Detoxification
  • Detoxification up!
  • Nourishment up!
  • Immunization up!
SB 3 in 1 Ecological Detoxification
  • Combined with probiotics, prebiotics and cellulose, carry out a thorough detoxification in an all-round way.
Nutrition Supplement
  • Inulin can promote the absorption of minerals and nutrients.
  • Alfalfa, crowned with the title of “Father of all food”, contains nutrition which is 10 times higher than other common plants.
  • Alfalfa provides amino acids, minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus), vitamins (A, Group B, C, D, E and K), chlorophyll and various kind of enzymes that help decompose food, which are all indispensable to the body.
Strengthen the Immune System
  • Probiotics can reinforce the immune system by significantly increasing the immune globulin and macrophages.
  • It’s free radicals that do harm to lymphocytes and cause the decline of the body's immune function.
  • Alfalfa is rich in antioxidant which helps to prevent human cells and DNA from damages done by free radicals.
5 Most Wholesome Probiotics
Bifidobacteriumlactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus sporogenes.
Lemon Extract
Activates the body’s self-purification process, decompose body fat and eliminate toxins from the body. Besides, various studies shown that lemon can help in preventing cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, hyperglycemia and cancer.
Directions for use
Add one sachet of SB Synbiotics Detox Drink into warm water (200ml), stir well and serve.
Packaging : 10 gm x 15 sachets
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